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Your bouquet
Care Instructions
Preserved flowers are real plants, harvested at the moment they are in full bloom. They have been perfectly preserved using 100% plant-based glycerine and dyes. Your flowers will retain their natural beauty for many months.
• Preserved flowers must not be placed in water or kept in a very humid environment.
• The flowers are only suitable for interior use at temperatures of 5-25°C.
• To preserve the colour of your flowers, position out of direct sunlight.
• Your flowers have been preserved using natural dyes. To prevent transfer of colour, do not place in contact with fabrics or furnishings.
• Over time it may become necessary to lightly dust your flowers using a hairdryer. Always position the hairdryer at a metre distance from the flowers and use the cool setting.
Tips for arranging your flowers
Choose the perfect vessel. We love an opaque vase because it makes the flowers the focal point and not the stems. Use sharp scissors or garden shears to cut your stems to the height you need as you arrange them. To start, arrange the strong stemmed foliage in the vase, creating the structure and shape of your arrangement. Here at Shida we favour an asymmetric, spontaneous look. Get creative making the display your own. Experiment with groupings of flowers, varying heights and positioning focal blooms.