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Florist Katherine Whitchurch launched shida preserved flowers in 2018 after discovering the amazing fresh look of flowers and foliage preserved naturally. shida bouquets offer a maintenance-free solution to styling with flowers. Hand-tied arrangements or letterbox flowers, delivered worldwide, make the perfect gift or home accessory, lasting for a year or more.
Bespoke projects include working with interior designers and developers to style show apartments, creating arrangements for boutiques and styling shoots and most recently shida created displays for Artist Residence for their Oxford hotel and London restaurant. Collaborations with interior designers bring luxury home styling to all.
Preserved flowers are real plants, expertly grown and harvested at their peak. A special preservation treatment replaces the sap with 100% plant-based glycerine and dyes. The cell structure of the plants is maintained, leaving them feeling soft and naturally beautiful. 
The current trend for greenery in the home is easy to achieve with shida.  For us, the perfect bunch would be overflowing with verdant foliage and exotic blooms. Current inspiration comes from Australian native flower arrangements with statement banksia, protea and eucalyptus.  Another favourite is the hydrangea, with petals as soft and delicate as they were in full bloom.
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